10 August 2011

Swaziland's Reed Dance dates announced

According to a press release on www.travpr.com, this years Reed Dance holiday in Swaziland will be on the 29 August 2011. The press release names an official from Swaziland Tourism as the contact person, so the date seems accurate.

Chief Mgwagwa Gamedze, the Minister of Home Affairs, has announced that the Umhlanga Reed Dance holiday will be on Monday 29th August 2011. Gamedze said the holiday had been announced earlier to attract more tourists, as the extra time would give them more time to plan their trip to the country. He also acknowledged how the government valued the tourism industry as it could play a significant role in resuscitating the ailing economy of Swaziland.
The Reed Dance is the highlight of Swaziland’s calender, usually taking place over eight days, where maidens from the country’s chiefdoms cut reed and present it to their Majesties. This annual ceremony takes place in late August and early September. The significance of this ceremony to preserve girls chastity and produce solidarity by working together.
The ceremony takes place at Ludzidzini Royal Residence, where the maidens sing and dance before their Majesties, led by their leader, Inkhosatana Princess Sikhanyiso.
For more information visit the Swaziland National Trust Commission website. 

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