28 March 2011

South Africa: first industry-wide sustainability seal for bottled wines

Wines of South Africa launched the world’s first industry-wide sustainability seal to guarantee the production integrity of its bottled wines.
Every seal carries a unique number and is backed by a highly sophisticated tracking system to ensure the contents of the wine bottle to which it is applied can be traced back to source at every stage of the supply chain. The seal is still the only one of its kind worldwide, and has the backing not only of most South African exporters of bottled wines but also the international wine trade.

According to Wines of South Africa, 50% of South African wines will go out with this seal in 2010, and over 80% by the 2011 vintage. By the end of last year the sustainability seal was already being applied to over 80% of bottled wine exports certified for Wine of Origin.

With the new seal, Wine Standards Board certifies it is certiefied that:
  • The vintage, variety(ies) and origin as stated on the label are correct
  • The wine has been grown and produced sustainably
  • The wine is traceable from the vine to the bottle
  • The wine has been bottled in South Africa

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