17 March 2011

Seal Clubbing: Call to boycott Namibian tourism

Animal rights organisations, such as Fur Free, Beauty Without Cruelty, Sea Shepherd, PETA and others, have announced the official launch of a boycott campaign against Namibia, Namibian exports and tourism, during a press conference held on Anti-Sealing Day (15 March 2011). At the end of the press conference, the following boycott announcement was made by Anneke Brits, Chairperson of Fur Free SA:

"On this day, the 15th of March 2011, celebrated worldwide as Anti-Sealing Day, Fur Free, Beauty Without Cruelty, Sea Shepherd and our international partners are announcing the official launch of a boycott campaign against Namibia. This campaign, dubbed Seals of Nam, will continue until the annual seal massacre is permanently ended.
We would like to stress that we love our sister country Namibia, and that it pains us to take any adverse action against it. We hope and pray that the leaders of Namibia will see the folly of the seal slaughter, and will take definite and immediate steps to end it. As Gandhi said: 'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

The seal population in Namibia is considered a threat to the fish industry by the Namibian government. Culling of seals during certain times is therefore allowed and is taking place every year from July on. The quota that has been laid down for this year's Namibian cull is about 85,000 cubs and 6,000 bulls. Most of the brutal killing ist happening at Cape Cross seal reserve, north of Henties Bay – a very popular tourist area.

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