29 March 2011

Richtersveld National Park: Camps closed due to flood damage

Both the Tatasberg Wilderness Camp and Richtersveld Camp Site at the Richtersveld National Park have been closed for reservations up to 10 June 2011 due to flood damage.

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The Richtersveld National Park is a rugged, desolate "mountain desert" set in a great loop of the Orange River. The Park is situated in South Africa's Nothern Province, bordering the country of Namiba. Together with the Namibian |Ai-|Ais Hot Springs Game Park and the Richtersveld National Park forms the |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park.

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  1. Last year, after the above-mentioned floods, Rey Janse van Rensburg took travel writer Toast Coetzer for a guided trip. Check the video here - http://www.drivesouthafrica.co.za/blog/richtersveld-4x4-drive-through-sheer-mountain-desert/