14 January 2022

Namibia: Inbound travellers are required to use the "Trusted Travel System" from 15 January 2022!

As of 15 January 2022, all travellers entering Namibia through its thirteen main Ports of Entry are required to have their Covid-19 test results uploaded on the Trusted Travel System (TT). Once the test results are uploaded on the system, a code will be generated which will then be used at the Port of Entry to verify the Covid-19 test results (see below). The "Trusted Travel System" plattform will used at the following Ports of Entry:

  1. Oshikango Border Post
  2. Walvis Bay International Airport, Walvis Bay
  3. Walvis Bay Harbor
  4. Omahenene Border Post
  5. Hosea Kutako International Airport, Windhoek
  6. Muhembo Border Post
  7. Katima Mulilo Border Post
  8. Ngoma Border Post
  9. Lüderitz Harbour, Lüderitz
  10. Ariamsvlei Border Post
  11. Noordoewer Border Post
  12. Trans-Kalahari Border Post
  13. Impalila Island Border Post

Please note that the use of the Trusted Travel System (TT) for those leaving Namibia will depend on the requirements of the destination being travelled to.

The Trusted Travel System (TT) was introduced by the African Union Council (AUC) and the Africa Centre for Disease Control (Africa-CDC) to support the African Union (AU) member states to harmonize and enhance their current health screening and verification systems. It offers an online digital platform for the verification and authentication of Covid-19 test results based on a collaborative effort across a network of participating Covid-19 testing laboratories and Port Health authorities. The TT platform allows for the detection of counterfeit test results and also enhances cross-border collaboration and confidence in Covid-19 results origination from other countries. Furthermore it provides updated information on entry requirements and travel restrictions for participating member states.

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