14 December 2018

South Africa: The South African Civil Aviation Authority has grounded CemAir! [update]

update (14 December 2018): Cemair regrets the indefinite suspension and rejects the reasons offered by the SACAA for their decision. According to a statement on facebook, the airline can currently not offer alternative solutions to their custoners and advises its customers to book an alternative journey to their destinations. Cemair will advise at the soonest possible time about a refund process for bookings with the airline. 

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has grounded South African regional carrier CemAir by suspending two of the airline's Air Operator Certificates (AOC). As a result Cemair can no longer operate as an airline or air operator or fly any of its 21 aircraft in South Africa. SACAA said in an official statement, that “These myriad of identified non-compliances bring to the fore the fact that the actions and conduct of this operator pose a serious and immediate threat to safety". We'll keep you posted!

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