12 December 2018

Kenya introduced new currency coins!

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has introduced a new generation of coins in Kenya on 11 December 2018. The new legal tender, which contains features that make it accessible to visually impaired people, is available in denominations of Sh1, Sh5, Sh10 and Sh20. While the notes currently in circulation have the images of Kenya's first President Jomo Kenyatta and his successor Daniel arap Moi, the new generation of coins bears the iamge of a giraffe (Sh1 coin), the image of a rhino (Sh5 coin), the image of a lion (Sh10 coin) and the image of an elephant (Sh20 coin). The old-generation coins will be phased-out gradually, with the new currency coins circulating alongside the existing ones.

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