14 September 2012

Video: Saving the endangered Cape Parrots in the Eastern Cape

The Cape Parrot, the only parrot endemic to South Africa, is Africa's most endangered parrot. Only between 800 - 1000 adult Cape Parrots are currently left in their natural habitat, which is stretching from the coastal escarpment near sea-level to the midlands at around 1000m in eastern South Africa.
Dr. Steve Boyes, a South African ornithologist and a National Geographic Expeditions Expert, is the Project Coordinator of the Cape Parrot Project in Hogsback in South Africa's Eastern Cape province. He has commited his day-to-day activities to saving the highly endangered parrot from two major threats: capture for the wild-caught bird trade, and disease. Learn more about his work and about the Cape Parrots in the video below, presented by National Geographic.

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