13 September 2012

British Airways to double flights between London <> Cape Town

The flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom, British Airways, has announced that it will introduce an additional flight between London (Heathrow) and Cape Town during the airline’s winter operating schedule.
From 28 Oct 2012, British Airways will double its service between the two destinations from currently daily flights to 14 flights per week (two flights per day). The airline will decrease the number of flights to daily at the end of March 2013. British Airways will operate a Boeing B747-400 aircraft between London and Cape Town.
  • 17:40 London > 07:05 Cape Town (Fridays 17:45 > 07:05)
  • 19:30 London > 08:55 Cape Town
  • 20:45 Cape Town > 06:30 London
  • 22:10 Cape Town > 07:50 London

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