29 September 2012

Did you know... that one of the world’s largest mammal migrations is taking place in Zambia?

Every year between late October and December, millions of straw-coloured fruit bats (Eiodon helvum) are migrating from Central Africa to the Kasanka National Park in northern Zambia. The migration of the bats is said to be the largest congregation of mammals in Africa, possibly even the world. The arrival of the bats in Zambia normally coincides with the start of the first rains and the ripening of many local fruit and berry species in the Kasanka National Park.

The Kasanka National Park, which is the first of Zambia's national parks to be privately managed (Kasanka Trust Limited), is one of the country’s smallest national parks. The park, located about 5-6 hours by car north of Lusaka, lies between 1160 and 1290 meters asl and has a relatively flat topography, except for the rocky Mpululwe and Bwalya Bemba hills. Nine permanent lakes occur in the Park and it is dissected by a network of rivers and streams. Kasanka National Park is home to 108 mammal species and 450 bird species. Video courtesy of youtube user achidakel. Kudos!

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