21 September 2012

South Africa: Kruger National Park flood repair update

South Africa's Kruger National Park experienced heavy floodings in January 2012 caused by strong rainfall in the area. Some of the parks camps and picnic sites, as well as roads and low level bridges, got damaged by the water masses and had to be temporarily closed. Flood repairs are still underway in Kruger National Park, but in the meantime all camps and picnic spots are open again. Except for the following, all roads are open again (as of 20 Sept 2012):
  • S25 (From S26 to S139, Biyamiti Low Level Bridge washed away (a temporary bypass has been completed and S25 has reopened)
  • S33, S84
  • Balule Low Level Bridge (detour via S89 and S90): Balule Bridge is expected to reopen by 15 November 2012.  

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