18 November 2011

Video: South Africa's dance music scene

Although I am not a big fan of dance music, I found the the following two part documentary actually quite interesting. Check it out and follow the guys from Pascal & Pearce, who are promoting their new album "Passport" through the films, around South Africa's dance scene and explore what Cape Town and Johannesburg are like... dancemusicwise!

The first video of the two part 24min series is taking a look at the electronic/dance music scene of Cape Town.

Pascal & Pearce | Dave Mac (BPM Mag) | Kurt Meyer (Good Hope FM) | Sean Duvet | Craig da Sousa | Locnville | Dean Fuel | Goldfish | Goodluck

The second video of the series is focussed on the city of Johannesburg, its artists and the music scene.

Pascal & Pearce | Glen van Loggerenberg (House Afrika) | Vinny da Vinci ((House Afrika) | Tamara Dey | Sasha Martinengo (5FM) | Tasha Baxter | Richard Santana | Frank van Rooijen (Dirty Herz) | Spiro Damaskinos (Sony Music Entertainment) | Roger Goode (5FM) | Greg Walsh (G&G Productions) | Revel Ravenhill (Nuwave) | Andre Frauenstein (Dirty Herz) | Greg Carlin (Zebra & Giraffe) | Louise Carver 

Kudos to Warwick Allan & team for the videos!

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