16 November 2011

Kenya: Spot wildlife with a camera-trap iPhone app

Biologists from the Zoological Society of London recently released a fascinating new iPhone App called "Instant WILD" which transmits images from motion-sensing cameras in Kenya and other locations (Sri Lanka, Mongolia & the UK) to your smartphone (iPhone only) whenever a creature wanders into view.
Those camera traps are a tool widely used in conservation work. They take a photo when a motion sensor detects movement within the field of view, and within a certain range. With the App you'll receive notifications (and the photo) when a camera you've elected to follow, such as the one in Kenya, takes a new photo.
The camera in Kenya is situated in communally owned land in the Tsavo-Amboseli ecosystem.
 Beside the fact the "Instant WILD" is a fun app to have (get us an Android version!!), the actual main idea behind the app is to help researchers monitoring wildlife by identifying the animals in these live photographs. Anyway, the "Instant WILD" app is for free and can be downloaded form Apple's App Store!

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