01 April 2011

Video: GoDaddy CEO travels to Zimbabwe to kill elephants! DISGUSTING!

I am actually speechless about the video I just watched. Ok, many Zimbabweans are currenly not having enough food to feed their families, and yes, so-called "problem elephants" can be a serious threat to communities, but does that justify the killing of elephants by rich people paying for the thrill of killing? That is exactly what Bob Parson, CEO of GoDaddy.com, just did. He travelled to Zimbabwe to shoot elephants. And according to him, this is "one of the most beneficial and rewarding things I do". Disgusting! And Bob, it is not only the killing of the elephant, but you are making people fight for food! DISGUSTING!

Animal rights organisation PETA has decried Parsons' actions and announced that it has closed the group's account with GoDaddy.com, encouraging others to do the same. Meanwhile rival web hosting company NameCheap.com announced a deal to transfer accounts, with 20% of the proceeds to be donated to savethelephants.org.

Update (07 April 2011): NameCheap.com raised full $20,000 savethelephants.org for so far!

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