18 November 2010

What a great idea - a football that produces "real" energy!

Jessica Lin, Jessica Matthews, Julia Silverman and Hemali Thakkar met in an engineering class at Harvard University back in 2008. All four of them had spent time in different places in Africa and all of them saw kids playing and enjoing football whereever they went. Talking about their experiences Jessica, Jessica, Lin and Hemali somehow got the idea that is must be possible to translate the "positive" energy of football into "real" energy people in the world’s most impoverished areas could actually use to power light in their homes, a fridge, a phone and more. Thats how the idea of the "sOccket", a football with an internal generator, was born.

Soccket Electrifies! from GlobalGirl Media on Vimeo.

The ball’s mechanism is similar to those found in shake-to-charge flashlights. When the sOccket rolls, a magnetic slug slides back and forth inside an inductive coil in the ball, generating power that is stored in a capacitor.
After 15 minutes of play, the sOccket ball is currently providing enough energy for 3 hours of LED light, a clean, efficient alternative to kerosene lamps. Kudos, girls! Great project!

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