18 November 2010

Stricter vehicle regulations in Zimbabwe from 01 Dec 2010

According to Tourism Update (citing one of the latest Zimbabwe Government Gazettes), vehicles in Zimbabwe will not be considered roadworthy from 01 Dec 2010 unless they are equipped with with:
  • a fire extinguisher (stored at a visible and accessible place in the cab of the vehicle)
  • two warning triangles (in the event of a breakdown you must place one at the front and one at rear of a vehicle)
  • a serviceable spare wheel
  • an efficient jack and a wheel spanner
  • red and white reflectors
Both the fire extinguisher and the warning triangles must conform to the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ). The triangles must also bear a serial number, name of the manufacturer and year of manufacture. The white reflectors are to be used at the front of the vehicle and red refelctors are to be used at the back of the vehicle.

Just make sure that, when going there, you got everything with you... and in the right place...

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