23 November 2010

Video: Dolphins see themselves in mirror!

CNN's Randi Kaye visits the Baltimore National Aquarium in the US and goes down in an underwater lab to see how dolphins react to themselves in a mirror. Stunning pics of incredible creatures...

Tour: Whale & Dolphin Watching in Plettenburg Bay (South Africa)
A wonderful opportunity to witness Dolphins frolicking in the surf and enjoy a close-up encounter with other marine species including whales, sharks, seals and a variety of marine birds on this exciting two-hour boat cruise.
Depart from Plettenberg Bay at the heart of the Garden Route and discover the abundant Cape marine life as you head for the renowned Arch Rock. Here it is usual to see bottlenose dolphins, small pods of the rare indo-pacific humpback dolphin and many species of shark. As you head to the middle of the bay, look out for resident bryde whales, magnificent Southern Right whales and if you are truly lucky you may get to see orcas which can be seen from July to November. Among the highlights is a visit to the seal colony at spectacular Roddberg Peninsula Nature Reserve for wonderful views of these enchanting animals. [more info & booking]

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