16 November 2010

Japan Airlines - smoking "smokeless cigarettes" allowed during flights

Did you know that you are allowed to smoke during flights with Japan Airlines? Ok, no normal cigarettes are allowed, but Japan Tobacco's "Zero Style Mint" smokeless cigarette. According to The Wall Street Journal' JapanRealTime blog you can even smoke them on long-haul (=international) flights.
For example, Japan Airlines, the country’s largest airline by revenue, says Zero Style Mint can be used during its flights, including long-haul. Rail companies equally say that since it creates no smoke, it can be used without restriction in non-smoking cars in the country’s bullet trains. [src.]
Other (international) airlines, such as the German Lufthansa, don't allow "smokeless cigarettes" on board their flights "because they (the cigarettes) might remind passengers of normal cigarettes and therefore might irritate them". [src.] Well, what do you think?

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