10 July 2024

Eastern Cape: Wildfire in Addo Elephant National Park! [update]

update (11 July 2024): SANParks has released an update on the wildfire at Addo Elephant National Park. As of 10 July 2024, there are no active fires in the National Park and mop-up operations are underway.
The wildfire that began on 08 July 2024 in the Zuurberg section of Addo Elephant National Park has been successfully managed. Teams from SANParks and the Sarah Baartman West Fire Protection Association are on site ensuring the situation remains under control.
The fire, which spread to the Nyathi section of Addo Elephant National Park due to gale-force winds, is now extinguished. There has been some damage to the boundary fence, but no animals or other park infrastructure have been affected.
An estimated 3,000 hectares have been burnt, but a thorough assessment will be conducted once weather conditions permit.

South African National Parks (SANParks) has informed the public that a wildfire broke out in Addo Elephant National Park on Sunday evening (07 July 2024) when the National Park in South Africa's Eastern Cape experienced gale-force winds. The source of the fire is unknown at this stage and teams from SANParks and the Sarah Baartman West Fire Protection Association are on site to manage the situation.
On 08 July 2024, a wildfire started in the Zuurberg section of Addo Elephant National Park and has subsequently moved over to the Nyathi section. The wind changed direction on 09 July 2024 and the fire is currently burning slowly. There is some damage to the boundary fence but no animal losses or other infrastructure damage.
SANParks is estimating that here are about 3,000 hectares that have been burnt but the teams on the ground will only be able to assess that once the weather and smoke allow. Less wind and possible rain are predicted from 10 July 2024 which will assist with containing the fire. The fires are in remote areas of Addo Elephant National Park so the public is not in danger. We'll keep you posted!

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