22 February 2019

Mozambique: LAM - Mozambique Airlines & Fastjet (Mozambique) have signed a codeshare agreement! [update]

update (18 April 2019): The codeshare relationship between Fastjet (Mozambique) and LAM Mozambique Airlines will be initiated on the Maputo <> Beira & Maputo <> Quelimane routes effective 18 April 2019, soon to be followed by the Maputo <> Tete route.

Mozambique's national airline, LAM Mozambique Airlines (Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique - LAM), and Fastjet (Mozambique) have signed a codeshare agreement. Under the agreement the two airlines will sell seats on each other's flights between Maputo, Beira, Tete and Quelimane, using their respective airline codes. The codeshare relationship will be implemented first on the Maputo <> Beira route from 25 February 2019, thereafter, followed by the Maputo <> Tete and Maputo <> Quelimane routes during March 2019. The agreement is intended to strengthen the route networks of LAM and Fastjet (Mozambique), to facilitate commercial sales and to improve passenger convenience in flight schedules. It follows the relationship announced by the two carriers in March 2018.

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