15 October 2013

Heavy Metal in Mozambique: "Terra Pesada" (teaser trailer)

I just stumbled on a great teaser trailer for a documentary called "Terra Pesada" about heavy metal music in Mozambique. The film tells the story of young heavy metal musicians in Mozambique and their quest to make their voices heard. Leslie Bornstein, the filmmaker, and her team follow them at home, at school, hanging out with their friends, talking about music, politics, HIV/AIDS, the wars, what their lives are like now, the difficulties they face, their hopes, dreams, ambitions, aspirations, and of course there are rehearsals and concerts.

Filmmaker Leslie Bornstein, a self-proclaimed metal aficionado, initially came to visit a friend in Mozambique. They went to a heavy metal concert in the outskirts of Maputo and thats how and when the idea to shoot a documentary about the heavy metal scene in the Southern African country was born. She visited Mozambique four times so far to film the documentary and has now launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise more funds to complete the postproduction of "Terra Pesada". Please check it out and support the project if you like it. For more information about the film and the ideas behind it, visit the website of "Terra Pesada"  and/or contact Leslie.

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