05 June 2013

Cape Town: MyCiti fares to increase from 01 July 2013

update (30 July 2013): MyCiTi will introduce a new distance-based fare system, on 3 August 2013, with several options for saving money. [more]

The City of Cape Town has announced that the MyCiTi bus fares will increase on 01 July 2013. The for travellers most important service, the service between Civic Center and Cape Town International Airport (CTIA), will increase from currently R57.00 to R62.00 for adults and from R28.10 to R30.30 for children aged four to 11 years old. The new fares between the V&A Waterfront and CTIA via Thibault Square and Greenpoint will be sightly higher. The MyCiTi bus tariff for a trip on the main route between the Civic Centre and Table View will increase from R10.60 to R11.50 and the fare for a trip on an area service will rise from R5.30 to R5.80. For an overview on MyCiTi's routes in Cape Town, click here! Safe travels!

screenshot via capetown.gov.za (pdf)

If you don't want to rely on public transport on your way to or from Cape Town International Airport (CTIA), we recommend using these services: CTIA > Cape Town or Cape Town > CTIA.

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