17 June 2013

Kenya: 137 elephants & 24 rhinos killed by poachers so far in 2013

update (20 June 2013): Kenya lost two more rhinos. Poachers early this week shot dead a rhino and its calf at Mukururo area outside the Chyulu Hills National Park boundary and took off with the horns.

According to a speech (published 14 June 2013) held by William K. Kiprono, director of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Kenya lost 137 elephants and 24 rhinos to poaching since January 2013. A total of 5,842kg of ivory and rhino horns have been recovered and 123 suspects in connection with these seizures have been arrested. At the same time, 22 firearms and 1,141 rounds of ammunition have also been recovered from poachers.
Kenyan newspaper "The Star" earlier reported that out of the 137 elephants killed by poachers in Kenya, 37 were killed in protected areas (mainly in Tsavo) while 80 were outside protected areas. The rhinos were killed in Lake Nakuru National Park, Solio Ranch (Nyeri), Ngulia Sanctuary (Tsavo West National Park) and Meru National Park.
In 2012, Kenya lost 384 elephants and 30 rhinos to criminals.

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