10 June 2013

Watch: Short film "Jonah" (18 min) set on Zanzibar

Are you currently planning to travel to Zanzibar? Been already there and in love with the island? Well, than "Jonah" will defenitely raise your interest. The film, directed by British filmmaker Kibwe Tavares, tells the story of two friends - Mbwana and Juma - living on Zanzibar, who miraculously capture an enormous fish jumping from the water on camera. The photo goes around the world and turns their home town into a big tourist attraction. Years later, Mbwana realizes that this isn't what he dreamed of– and when he meets the fish again, both of them forgotten, ruined and old, he decides only one of them can survive. Enjoy! Kudos Factory Fifteen for making the film available online.

JONAH from Factory Fifteen on Vimeo.

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