13 June 2013

Kruger National Park: Shingwedzi Rest Camp reopens some of its facilities

update (19 Nov 2013): The Shingwedzi Restaurant in the Shingwedzi Rest Camp, the Shingwedzi Eastern Gate and the old Causeway and S135 (Shingwedzi Causeway Road) have been reopened!

update (25 Sept 2013): The following accommodation and facilities in the Shingwedzi Rest Camp, have been reopened: A-Circle accommodation, B-Circle accommodation, Rentmeester Guest House, filling station, Reception, swimming pool, camp shop, the (old) day visitor's area
Facilities that remain closed: Shingwedzi Restaurant, East Gate (expected to reopen in October 2013), birdhide near the Kanniedood Dam, (new) day visitor's area outside the camp

update (09 Sept 2013): The shop in the Shingwedzi Rest Camp will open on 15 September 2013. In the meantime a small tuck shop is being run in the office joining the reception. The Shingwedzi Restaurant is likely to only reopen on the 01 October 2013. The swimming pool will be operational as from the 15 September 2013. The Rentmeester Guest House reopened on 01 September 2013. The birdhide near the Kanniedood Dam remains closed. The A-Circle accommodation will reopen on the 14th of September 2013.
The Shingwedzi Rest Camp will be hosting a group of artists from 21 to 23 September 2013. The classical music artists will be performing in the bush and have booked the entire camp. The camp will therefore be totally inaccessible to guests. The filling station, tuck shop and restrooms however, will operate as usual and anyone may visit these facilities. 

update (08 July 2013): The Mphongolo Trail, a primitive Backpacking Trail that starts from Shingwedzi Rest Camp, has been reopened!

update (03 July 2013): According to the latest update (02 July 2013, 11:00) on the Kruger National Park flood damage, issued by SANParks, the Day Visitors Area, Shop, Restaurant, Swimming Pool, A-circle and Eastern Gate in the Shingwedzi Rest Camp remain closed. The small tuck stop has very limited supplies. The Filling Station has reopened, although diesel is not yet available is now available. The Camp Site is fully operational and B-circle has partially reopened ansd is expected to be fully reopened by the end of July 2013 while A-circle and Rentmeester Guest House is expected to reopen by 01 September 2013.

South African National Parks (SANParks) earlier announced that the Shingwedzi Rest Camp in the North of the Kruger National Park will reopen some of its facilities to tourists on 14 July 2013. The whole Rest Camp was set under water during massive floods in January 2013 and was therefore closed since then.

The facilities and services at Shingwedzi Rest Camp which will be open to tourists for now are:
  • Reception
  • Temporary Tuck shop
  • Filling Station
  • Camping Site
  • Units found at B circle that will gradually be reopened before 30 June 2013
The following facilities at Shingwedzi Rest Camp are still closed:
  • Day Visitors areas (new and old site)
  • Bird hide at Kanniedood dam (to open by the end of August 2013)
  • Swimming pool (to open by the end of August 2013)
  • Restaurant (to open in September 2013)
  • A Circle units (to open by the end of August 2013)
  • The S50 road alongside the Shingwedzi River via Kanniedood dam
  • The Dipeni outpost will open on 20 June 2013

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