24 June 2013

Zambia: National Airports Corporation introduced new infrastructure & development charge

The National Airports Corporation of Zambia has introduced a new Infrastructure and Development charge (tax code: RM) in addition to the current departure tax (J1) and security tax (QJ). All passengers departing from the airports in Livingstone, Mfuwe, Lusaka or Ndola are now required to pay it, effective immediately. International passengers departing from these airports will be required to pay ZMW 52.8 (currency converter) and domestic passengers, ZMW26.7 (currency converter).
Tickets issued before 15 June 2013 will be exempt from the new tax. Schedule passengers with a ticket issued after 15 June 2013 booked via one of the major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) will have the tax included in their ticket. You can check on your ticket to see if the tax is included under the tax column.

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