07 May 2013

Video: Skateboarding in Maputo, Mozambique

Our collection of skate videos from East/Southern Africa is growing: we just stumbled upon a video about skateboarders in Maputo in Mozambique. The video, named Cena Viva, o retrato do skate em Moçambique (Cena Vica, the reality of skateboarding in Mozambique), highlights how limited the options are and how difficult it acutally is to skate on a board in and through Maputo. The video features the dudes of Maputo Skate, an organisation of skaters from Mozambique, whom you can find on Facebook as well as on Twitter. If you are a skateboarder and you are planning to visit Mozambique's capital, drop them a line, get in contact and hook up. Enjoy! Kudos Rodrigo Facundes for the video!


  1. Hey there.! Its good to share this video and this specific point of view about Sk8boarding in Mozambique, but please let me correct some things. Actually this video feature some riders from Maputo Skate but not only. This video was directed by Rodrigo Facundes when he was invited by us Association of Skateboarding of Mozambique to join us clean and organise this place called "Terracinho".

  2. Thx for the correction!