21 May 2013

Namibia: Both camps in the Khaudum National Park closed till further notice

update (05 Nov 2013): According to selfdrive4x4forum, the following rules currently apply to the Khaudum National Park in Namibia:
  • Khaudum National Park has two (2) unserviced camps which can be used free-of-charge by campers only
  • All overnighting outside these two campsites is striclty prohibited
  • Entering the park and driving through the park with less than two (2) 4x4 vehicles is a criminal offence; only one (1) vehicle per group of two may have a trailer, which has to be offroad-certified
  • It is a must to carry enough water and food for all travellers for a minimum period of three (3) days and nights - no food, water or fire-wood may be collected inside the park [more] 
update (21 June 2013): According to Hans from come-along.nl (update: Tourbrief now also reporting it), Khaudum National Park is open and its two campsites can be used on a first-come, first-serve basis. We highly recommend to contact Namibia Tourism or Namibia's Ministry of Environment and Tourism before visiting the National Park to confirm the information given.

According to Tourbrief, a Namibian tourism news website, both Khaudum Camp and Sigaretti Camp in the Khaudum National Park in Namibia are closed till further notice. As a result the National Park is currently also closed to the public.
UPDATE: Khaudum National Park can still be done as a day visit, but is not recommended as the terrain is extremely difficult. The company which had the concession to develop the two camps within the National Park has chosen not to pursue it.
The Khaudum National Park is located in the Kalahari desert in Namibia’s north-eastern Kavango Region. The remote National Park has a size of 3 842 km², of which only the border with Botswana and a 55-km section of the western border of the park are fenced. Khaudum is home to large herds of elephants and the African wild dog, the continent's most endangered large predator, as well as to over 320 species of birds. Khaudum Nature Reserve was proclaimed in 1989. In February 2007, the reserve was given National Park status.

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  1. Any idea of why they're closed?

  2. As far as I know, the company which had the concession to develop the camps has chosen not to pursue it.


  3. Ouch. We can only hope someone else will take up the challenge soon.