25 April 2013

Video: Skateboarding in Kampala, Uganda

update (13 Jan 2014): The guys from the Uganda Skateboard Union have uploaded a new video abou skateboarding in Kampala. Kudos & enjoy!

We featured a couple of skateboarding videos in the blog over the last year, but, except for one video of the adidas South Africa skateboard team in Mozambique's capital Maputo, all films were about skatebording in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Knowing that there are skaters all over Africa, we searched the web and found this great video of the Uganda Skateboarding Union and their "Park Days" at the Kitintale Skatepark in Kampala, the first ever skateboard ramp in Uganda. Enjoy & kudos Peter, Douglas, John, Nico, Ken, Trevor, Morris, Gilbert, Titi & David and all others!

btw - checkout the Uganda Skateboard Union’s blog and Facebook page and keep up on their work and donate to the cause.

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