15 April 2013

"Africa on a Plate" - a webseries about the culinary world of South Africa

We just updated the "Africa on a Plate" playlist. "Africa on a Plate", produded by Green Zebra Productions & Jurgens van Wyk, is a web series that follows Lentswe Bhengu, a young hip chef around Cape Town and South Africa, discovering new and interesting dishes. The show is a regular feature on mweb.co.za. Enjoy!

Episode 01 [Video 02.03]: Tokai EarthFair Food Market
Episode 02 [Video 04.05]: Madame Zingara's "The Sidewalk Cafe"
Episode 03 [Video 06.07]: Vergelegen Wine Estate
Episode 04 [Video 08.09]: Josephine's Cookhouse
Episode 05 [Video 10.11]: Madame Zingara's "Cafe Paradiso
Episode 06 [Video 12.13]: Camphors Restaurant @ Vergelegen Wine Estate
Episode 07 [Video 14.15]: The Creamery
Episode 08 [Video 16.17]: Market day at The Biscuit Mill
Episode 09 [Video 18.19]: Madame Zingara's "Don Pedro's" NEW
Episode 10 [Video 20.21]: Savoy Cabbage NEW

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