09 April 2013

South Africa: Tiffindell Ski Resort is open for bookings!

South Africa's only ski and snowboarding resort, the Tiffindell Ski Resort on the slopes of the 3001m Ben McDui Peak in the Eastern Cape, has been re-opened and is ready to operate for the Southern Hemisphere winter months of June - September. The resort was closed since 2011.
Developments for the 2013 winter snow season include the enlargement of one of their dams to four times its original size, increasing the snowmaking capacity. The road between Rhodes and Tiffindell has also been upgraded, allowing vehicles to reach the resort (more or less) hassle-free in clear weather conditions.
Tiffindell Ski Resort is situated in the Southern Drakensberg equidistant from the valley communities of Rhodes and Wartrail, which are 60km and 77km from Barkly East respectively, at 2720m above sea level. Tiffindell offers slope lengths of around 1.3km in total, state of the art snowmaking and grooming equipment, ski lifts, restaurant, ski shop, ski school, conference facilities and accommodation for over 150 guests. Tiffindell Ski Resort is open for bookings!

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btw - Tiffindell Ski Resort's Ice Station 2720 is the highest pub in South Africa!

Distances to the Tiffindell Ski Resort:
  • Johannesburg 820km (+/- 9hrs)
  • Cape Town 1180km (+/- 13hrs)
  • Port Elizabeth 650km (+/- 7.5hrs)
  • Durban 650km (+/- 7.5hrs)
  • East London 520km (+/- 6hrs)
  • Bloemfontein 420km (+/- 4.5hrs)

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