12 April 2013

South Africa: 12 "Through the Lens" short films

Back in February 2013 we told you about South African Tourism's & National Geographic Channels' "Through the Lens" campaign, which follows the journey of 3 award-winning National Geographic to 3 iconic South African destinations: Cape Town, Durban and the Drakensberg. It took us, for some reasons, some weeks to find out that the three vignettes are actually part of a series of short videos which already started in 2008. Anyway, in meantime the "Through the Lens" campaign consists of 12 one-minute videos. Here we go:

  1. Stephen Alvarez - Drakensberg
  2. Lola Akinmade Akerström - Durban
  3. Heather Perry - Cape Town
  4. Mattias KlumiSimangaliso Wetland Park
  5. Karen Kasmauski - Nieu Bethesda (Karoo)
  6. Peter Magubane -  traditional Ndebele homestead in Mthambothini
  7. Kim Wolhuter - Kgalagadi National Park
  8. David Doubilet - Cape Town
  9. Landon Nordeman - Johannesburg
  10. Jodi Cobb - Johannesburg
  11. Joel Sartore - Madikwe Game Reserve
  12. Annie Griffiths Belt - Townships of Cape Town

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