26 June 2012

New web series "Africa on a Plate" explores the wild & real culinary world of Africa

I just stumbled on a great brand new web series named a Africa on a Plate in which Lentswe Bhengu, a young, hip chef from South Africa, is exploring the wild & real culinary world of Africa.
In the first episode, host Lentswe Bhengu shows us how they cook sheep heads, also known as "smileys", in South Africa. In the second episode, he introduces us to one of South Africa's unique Indian Curries and in episode three he shows us his version of a pan fried Yellowtail. We are going to keep the playlist updated! Kudos Lentswe! We love the videos!

Episode 1 - How to cook a Sheep's head
Episode 2 - Curry in Cape Town
Episode 3 - Pan fried Yellowtail

update (06 Dec 2012): The guys of "Africa on a plate" removed some of the videos, uploaded them again in a different order and produced two new episodes!

Episode 1: Pan-fried Yellowtail or "Grilled fish in Houtbay"
Episode 2: Curry in Cape Town
Episode 3: How to cook a sheep's head or "Smileys in Langa"
Episode 4: How to brew African beer - NEW
Episode 5: Cape Town Christmas chicken - NEW

btw - Africa on a Plate is a brand new startup asking for funds on their Indiegogo site. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Good luck guys!

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