14 June 2012

Kenya: Animated short film "The Legend of Ngong Hills"

Based on a Maasai folktale, the short animated film "The Legend of Ngong Hills" tells the story of the creation myth of the beautiful hills that backdrop present day Nairobi.
The film is about the humongous and frightful Ogre of the forest, who has a habit of attacking a Maasai village, but is also falling in love with a beautiful young maiden from the village named Sanayian.

The short film won the Best Animation award at the 2012 AMAA Awards in Lagos (Nigeria), the Best Animation award at the 2011 Kalasha Awards (Kenya) as well as the ZIFF SIGNIS East Africa Talent Award at the Zanzibar International Film Festival 2011. It was also featured on Kenya Airways in-flight programming. The film is directed and produced by Kwame Nyong'o (Apes in Space).

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