19 June 2012

Video: Zimbabwe Today 2012 (10min)

Zimbabwean tourism group Africa Albida Tourism, which is running eg the famous Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and the Lokuthula Lodge in Victoria Falls, released a new video about Zimbabwe putting a focus on the country as a tourism destination in 2012. You get info on the current situation in Zimbabwe regarding all kinds of standard aspects travellers are usually interested in - from money matters, medical care and the availabilty of groceries and goods to the current situation of the hospitality sector, petrol availability, transport options and much more. The video is obviously a promotional video, so please don't expect to get to learn about the situation in Zimbabwe outside the (tourism) box. If you are planning to visit Zimbabwe or if you are simply interested in how the country's landmarks look nowadays, the video will be great for you. If you are looking an update about political and the socioeconomic situation in the country, the video won't give any updates. Anyway, it is good to see that at least the tourism sector is recovering and in some cases already back on track. Thanks Africa Albida Tourism for the video!

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