19 January 2012

Zambia: Livingstone to host 200th David Livingstone celebrations in 2013

The Zambian town of Livingstone is going to host a festival to celebrate bicentenary of its founder David Livingstone between March and October 2013.
David Livingstone, born on 19 March 1813 in Scotland, was the first European to set eyes on the Victoria Falls in the mid-1890s, which he named after Queen Victoria. The town of Livingstone, in turn, was named after him.
The recently formed Livingstone Arts, Cultural & Sporting Events Development Organisation is, in cooperation with the local community, businesses, the government and other organisations, organising the festival, which is expected to be officially launched by the Zambian government between February & March 2012.
The Livingstone festival will be a feast of cultural and sporting events including an international arts exhibition, theatre and street theatre performances, traditional dancing, bands and concerts, soccer, seven-a-side rugby, David Livingstone Classic golf, cycling, 3-country trail marathon, motorcrosse, 4WD rally, a kite festival, multi-day events on the Zambezi, fishing and cricket.

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