03 January 2012

To visit Namibia is one of Lonely Planet's "Top 10 things to do in 2012"

Good news for the Namibian tourism industry. To visit Namibia's protected coastline is among Lonely Planet's "Top 10 things to do in 2012"!
3. Visit Namibia’s protected coast
Namibia is a special country, blessed with an abundance of easy-to-spot wildlife, beautiful desert scenery and vast, wide open spaces. This year you can visit the epic Namibian coastline in the knowledge that the entire Atlantic shore is now part of one of the world’s largest protected areas, encompassing four parks: the Sperregebiet National Park, Namib Naukluft Park, newly created Dorob National Park and the infamous Skeleton Coast protected area. Many areas, especially in the south, can be explored independently – though ideally with your own wheels – but getting into serious Skeleton Coast wilderness requires a charter flight and deep pockets.
The other 9 of Lonely Planet's "Top 10 things to do in 2012" are:
  1. Honour Scott’s Polar Centenary (United Kingdom/Antartica)
  2. Follow Napoleon across Russia (Moscow)
  3. Visit Namibia’s protected coast (Namib-Skeleton Coast National Park)
  4. Go football crazy in Poland and Ukraine (Euro 2012)
  5. Chase Australia’s Top End eclipse (Australia)
  6. Meet the Maid of Orleans on her 600th birthday (Joan of Arc)
  7. Discover a new Middle East (Middle East)
  8. Explore Maribor’s Old Town (Slovenia)
  9. Play arcade classics at the Smithsonian (Washington DC)
  10. Check out Korea’s Expo (Yeosu)
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