20 January 2012

Update your city maps - new road names in Cape Town

update (23 Feb 2012): Residents of Cape Town have until the end of March to comment on the renaming of 27 streets, the City of Cape Town said on Thursday. [more info] 

Travellers coming to Cape Town should keep in mind that the City of Cape Town is currently in the process of re-naming various streets. Four of Cape Town's roads already got new names, while eight of the city's most widely used roads are in the queue to get re-named.

The four roads that already got a new name are
The pedestrian section of Castle Street is to be renamed after Khoisan leader Krotoa.

The seven roads to be re-named are:
  • update (21 Feb 2012): To view the list of proposed all proposed name changes affecting streets & public places, click here. For more info about all 27 naming proposals in Cape Town, click here.
  • Hendrik Verwoerd Drive
  • Jip de Jager Street
  • Willie van Schoor Drive
  • Vanguard Drive
  • Lansdowne Road
  • Jan Smuts Drive
  • NY1

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