19 January 2012

Videos: Kruger National Park flooding

update (23 Jan 2012): Olifants river in the Kruger National Park after the floods of 18 Jan 2012. The river is still flowing strong and 4 elephants tries to cross it. See what happens...

Floods in Kruger National Park South Africa; Skukuza Rest Camp and low level bridge

Hoedspruit Floods Aerial Views

Olifants river at Kurhula Lodge near Hoedspruit in flood.

update (22 Jan 2012): Crocodile River near Malelane Rest Camp in Kruger National Park 2 days after the flood.

update (20 Jan 2012): Footage of the Bayamiti River in the southern Kruger National Park - usually a sand river with pools.

update (20 Jan 2012): Most of the water levels around Letaba Rest Camp in Kruger National Park have now returned to normal but some roads got washed away and are impassable. Thx to odofad for the footage!

A team from South African National Parks at Kruger National Park fixing a road damaged by floods.

update (20 Jan 2012): The Blyderivierspoort Dam at Swadini in Limpopo is overflowing after the heavy rains in the area. The major dam is on the Blyde River, which runs through farmland and villages in the Lowveld. Meanwhile clean up operations are underway in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the Kruger National Park after a devastating flood.

update (19 Jan 2012): We found some more video footage showing the current flood situation in and around Kruger National Park.

Sabie River flooding in Kruger National Park at Skukuza Rest Camp.

Kruger National Park flooding - this is the Crocodile River passing through Nelspruit.

We found some video footage showing the floods in Kruger National Park. The first video was shot at the Letaba Rest Camp, located midway between the southern and northern boundaries of the Kruger National Park, on 18 Jan 2012. Thx to odofad for the footage!

The second video is showing the Crocodile River in flood at Malelane Gate Bridge on 18 Jan 2012. Thx to Luciavd for the footage!


  1. Are the tourists safe?
    Please give us more info on animals and tourists.
    How animals can survive such a heavy rains?

  2. Tourists are safe, affected camps etc. got evacuated. No idea how wildlide reacts on such floodings and rain, though. Will try to find it out and get back to you!