22 July 2011

Baby zebra born at Table Mountain National Park - the first in over 9 years

A Cape Mountain Zebra foal was born on Tuesday, July 19th, in the Cape of Good Hope Section of the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP). A foal was last born over 9 years ago and as a result; staff are monitoring the newcomer very carefully.
As such, the park is appealing to the public and hikers not to try and approach the mother and her foal on foot but to keep a safe and respectful distance. The family group is very protective of the newcomer and will act aggressively towards anyone trying to approach them.
The mother and foal are close to the Cape Point Main Road and it is therefore asked that all visitors and tour operators respect the speed limit of 60km/hr and slow right down if the family group of zebras are seen.
The sex of the newcomer has not yet been determined, however staff are monitoring the family closely and will allow the group of zebras to settle down first at which point they will be able to approach them to photograph and record key information. [via sanparks.org]

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