10 January 2011

Zim$ notes are becoming "economic souvenirs"...

Once in a while you got travel news topics that pop up in almost every newspaper, online mag etc. Such a headline was (and still is) that the one hundred trillion Zimbabwe dollar bill (a 100 followed by 12 zeros!!!) became a so-called "economic souvenir" among tourists in Zimbabwe.

Do you remember the old 10 Zim$ note? ;-)

It is already about two years ago that the US-American dollar became legal tender in Zimbabwe in the hopes of killing off the record inflation that caused all those zeros and so the one hundred trillion Zimbabwe dollar bill got abandoned and therefore invalid. But now, some time later, clever street vendors are finally making money out of the invalid bills. Tourists are paying around US$5 for one note, depending on the on its condition. Fair enough, isn't it? ;-)

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