17 January 2011

Namibia: Dolomite Camp in Etosha NP to open in first half of 2011

Namibia Wildlife Reservations is going to open a fifth lodge in Etosha. The construction work was originally planned to be completed by the start of the 2010 peak season (last quarter of 2010), but got delayed and will now only be finished some time in the first half of 2011 (May 2011?). The camp, which will be called "Dolomite Camp", is siuated in the ecologically significant western part of Etosha, an area previously closed off to tourism. The camp is getting constructed using environment-friendly approaches only, such as renewable solar energy and careful water management. Only a minimum damage to the natural surroundings is planed to be done. Dolomite camp will include a large reception, lounge, bar and restaurant area, offering sunrise and sunset views over the surrounding savannah. From this point, a walkway leads to thatched chalets, two of which are deluxe with private plunge pools.

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