11 January 2011

Issue 11 of the free Africa Geographic digimag is available now!

The 11th issue of the free Africa Geographic digimag (print version: Africa Geographic magazine) is out now. You only need to register with them to download, read and store the digimag! If you love travelling in Africa, the digimag is a MUST read! Enjoy!

In this issue:
  • Gorillas in the mirror: our close genetic ties with gorillas
  • Leopards Beyond Boundaries: solving the case of the missing cats
  • Species Scramble: see if you can solve the puzzle
  • The Little Things: a portfolio of amazing animal close-ups
  • The Africa Quiz: test your African knowledge
  • Earth-Touch Moments: kites catching termites on the wing
Africa Geographic digimag is an interactive digital magazine packed with great stories, fun animations, video, sound and superb photography. Experience Africa and its wildlife in an entirely new way.

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