12 January 2011

South African Airways: economy class baggage allowance from 20kg to 23kg from 15 Jan 2011

According to specialist travel company Africa Collection UK (via their facebook page) South African Airways is increasing their economy class baggage allowance from 20kg to 23kg effective from 15th January 2011. The baggage allowance for business class and first class remains unchanged at 30kg and 40kg respectively.

I couldn't find any official SAA press release regarding the baggage allowance increase, but Africa Collection UK should be a quite reliable source. Will keep you posted!
 17 Jan 2011 - SAA's website is still not giving any updates regarding the new bagagge allowance!

South African Airways - North America just replied to my tweet regarding the new baggage allowance. The increase from 20kg to 23kg is only for domestic flights and not for international flights.

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