31 January 2011

Serengeti highway to be build around the National Park?

"Despite world protest and a recent offer from the World Bank, Jakaya Kikwete, President of Tanzania, states that the northern route through the Serengeti will be built."
That was the headline of a an email from Serengeti Watch I received yesterday. Shocking news, but it seems that the Tanzanian government has actually changed plans.
According to a posting on Serengeti Watch's facebook page,  the road will be built, but AROUND the Serengeti. The poster is furthermore saying that the news about the redirected highway was already on the TV news.

 Let just hope that it is true...

UPDATE (03 Feb 2011): no updates on the highway so far... only contradictory news from different sources. Pls follow the facebook page of Serengeti Watch for more updates.

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