23 May 2023

Ranking: South Africa is one of the most gay-friendly travel destinations worldwide!

According to a recent study by MyDatingAdviser.com, an online dating advice platform, South Africa is one of the most gay-friendly travel destinations worldwide. The country got ranked 11th with a LGBTQ+ travel index score of 86.2 out of 100 points. In order to determine the most gay-friendly destinations, MyDatingAdviser.com compared 34 countries around the globe and took into account the following eight factors: society acceptance towards homosexuality, sexual activity rights, civil union rights, marriage rights, adoption rights, military service rights, anti-discimination and gender identity laws.
The most gay-friendly destination in the world is Sweden, followed by the Netherlands, Spain, France and the UK. No other African country besides South Africa made it to the Top 20 gay-friendly destinations worldwide.

South Africa:

  • LGBTQ+ Travel Index Score: 86.2
  • Society Acceptance: 54%
  • Sexual Activity Rights: Male legal since 1998. Female always legal. + UN decl. sign.
  • Civil Union Rights: Limited recognition of unregistered partnerships since 1998; same-sex marriage since 2006.
  • Marriage Rights: Legal since 2006.
  • Adoption Rights: Legal since 2002.
  • Military Service Rights: Since 1998.
  • Anti-Discrimination Laws: Constitution bans all anti-gay discrimination.
  • Gender Identity Laws:  Anti-discrimination laws are interpreted to include gender identity; legal gender may be changed after surgical or medical treatment.

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