16 May 2023

Agulhas National Park: A new art sculpture has been unveiled at the Southernmost Tip of Africa!

A new art sculpture has been unveiled at the Southernmost Tip of Africa in the Agulhas National Park in South Africa's Western Cape. "The Lesser Spotted Cape Creature" is a €15 000 project which is funded by Agence Française de Développement (AFD) through the Metis Fund and supported by South African National Parks (SANParks). It was conceptualised to create a unique opportunity for the area’s youth to connect on, share and express their concerns about the climate crisis through art. 

“The sculpture is symbolic as it is located in the southernmost tip of Africa. As climate change intensifies, women and men, species are progressively migrating to the poles in search of cooler climates. The location of the sculpture is symbolic, as the Agulhas National Park will eventually become the place where all species meet and are unable to go further. We hope that the sculpture will continue to serve as a reminder for us all, including tourists, to take action to tackle climate change." (Audrey Rojkoff, AFD Regional Director for Southern Africa and Country Director for South Africa)
Guided by artist Hannelie Coetzee, a three-day immersive workshop was conducted to inspire young people to become environmental leaders and to promote sustainable development in the region, through the Overberg Eco-Rangers programme, a SANParks youth outreach initiative. The sculpture was then created by Coetzee and symbolizes the intersection between art and science.

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