22 July 2009

Tristan Waterkeyn: South Africa's virtual busker | FREE album download

Tristan Waterkeyn’s been around. Born in Tanzania, moved to Kenya, then to Zimbabwe, where he went to high school. He learned to play the guitar to escape the rigid institutionalism of boarding school, and made appearances in Harare for a band called “Substitute Parachute”. After that he spent three years backpacking through Asia and sailing thousands of kilometres (yes, with guitar in tow), before returning home to Africa.

To Cape Town, to be exact, where he studied philosophy and comparative religion at University and soon found a group of people to share his passion for music with. Having finished his degree and having found himself more involved in the live music scene than anything else, Tristan saw a need for a more unified community in South Africa’s diverse music industry.
He formed Overtone, a company dedicated to building up the music industry of South Africa. Overtone provides every South African band and artist with access to its rapidly expanding online community with easy access to the music industry via its directories. For fans and the industry, it offers a monthly gig-guide and newsletter, as well as access to information on different sectors of the industry in South Africa – from bands themselves to live venues, stores, labels and industry news. As a resource for artists, Overtone is to offer all the facilities that they would normally have to source from multiple individual companies. It also offers facilities and help for musicians to record and produce their own albums.

This brings us back to the new album ‘Hay Day’ . It’s taken a considerable amount of effort, time and coordination – a testing of the Overtone system – to arrive at the finished article, and here is Tristan’s (and Overtone’s) seamless debut album.

Interested in the album?
Well, simply go to
www.tristanwaterkeyn.co.za and order the full 12 track debut album of Tristan for FREE! Simply enter in your email address and you will be sent the full album download links which you can forward to your friends arround the world.

Virtual busking at its best. Thx Tristan!

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