16 July 2009

Bad Breath and BO get up travellers noses: most annoying passengers revealed by Skyscanner

Fellow passengers with bad breath and BO have been voted the worst people to sit next to in travel search site Skyscanner’s (Skyscanner.net) most recent poll.

Over a thousand people took part in the poll, which asked the question: “Who do you hate sitting next to most on the plane?”

19% of voters said ‘those with bad breath and BO’ made the most unwelcome neighbours. 15% said a ‘wailing baby’, 13% said ’the hyperactive child’. ‘Big bodied people’ received 12% of the vote, ‘sneezers and sniffers’ got 10% along with ‘rowdy stag/hen parties’, whilst the ‘arm rest occupier’ received 8% of the vote.

Barry Smith, Skyscanner co-founder and director said:
“It’s well known that wailing babies and screaming kids don’t make popular travel partners, but what really gets up air travellers noses is fellow passengers who smell bad. The message from Skyscanner is simple: take a shower and pack breath mints before boarding a flight if you want to stay on the good side of your fellow passengers. For any budding entrepreneurs, there is obviously a big market here for some form of nose plug.”

Skyscanner users volunteered suggestions for other fellow passengers that they weren’t enamoured with, including: ‘loud talkers’, ‘drunkards’, ‘shoeless people’ and, on a strangely personal note, ‘Noel Gallagher’.

About Skyscanner
Skyscanner is the most powerful and flexible flight search engine in Europe, providing instant online comparison on flight prices for over 670,000 routes on over 600 airlines. With Skyscanner, users can browse without having to enter specific dates or even destinations, and Skyscanner is available in 20 different languages including French, German and Spanish.

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