10 July 2009

Cape Town: Carnival Court is missing Pollie

Famous Longstreet in Cape Town isn't what it used to be - Pollie is missing. Pollie used to live at Carnival Court Backpackers, but for some unknown reason decided last Saturday to fly out of the window and to disappear.

Pollie is a grey African parrot, who can mimic British and Australian accents. Her favourite sayings were: "Cup of tea, guvnor?" and "Jolly good, old chap".

In order to find Pollie the staff of the backpackers have put up posters, phoned pet shops, the police and posted notices on the internet to find her. Carnival Court is now considering a "Pollie party" to collect funds to add to the reward. "We'll buy her back. I just hope she's fine and that no one hurt her".

If anyone has seen Pollie, or knows where she might be, contact Sunelle at 021 423 9003 or email info@carnivalcourt.co.za

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